About OmoTomO

OmoTomO is an innovative single and multiplayer puzzle game taking place in a zen garden, where you help two thirsty treelike creatures by navigating them towards the water. This game not only provides a relaxing experience with a zen garden environment, but also challenges players with a variety of puzzles, whilst experiencing the growth of the OmoTomO creature.  OmoTomO is suited for new and experienced puzzle players, with its steadily rising difficulty.

OmoTomO was funded by the Swiss Art council Pro Helvetia in 2018, produced at the University of Arts in Zurich (ZHdK) and published by ForeverEntertainment / TA-Publishing
Release of early Beta of the Game: August 30, 2019 (iOS, Android and Computer)

Release OmoTomO - Zen Edition : January 23, 2020 (Nintendo Switch)

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The current team contains six members:

Malik Benabdallah

Malik obtained his Game Design bachelor diploma in 2018 and is currently studying a masters in Game Design at ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste).
OmoTomO was his bachelor project in 2018. He creates puzzles, designs levels, writes code and helps out with the art in OmoTomO.

Alex Martin

Alex also studied Game Design at ZHdK and graduated in 2019. She is responsible for game visuals, such as 2D art and creating 3D models.

Laslo Vetter

Laslo got his Game Design diploma in 2016. He produces 3D models and art for OmoTomO.

Leander Schneeberger

Leander studied Game Design at ZHdK and graduated in 2019. He is a programmer and created essential code for OmoTomO.

Benjamin Gilli

Benjamin graduated in Game Design at ZHdK in the year of 2019. Benjamin joined the OmoTomO team to produce 2D visuals.

Luca Fäh

Luca produced music tracks for OmoTomO. He is a music composer student at ZHdK.


Malik Benabdallah - Game Designer

Alex Martin - Game Designer

Laslo Vetter - Game Designer

Leander Schneeberger - Game Designer

Benjamin Gilli - Game Designer

Luca Fäh - Musician

Forever Entertainment SA

Executive Producer 

Zbigniew Debicki


Adam Marciniuk

Programming Nintendo Switch TM

Mateusz Gawin

2D Graphics

Marcin Adamski

3D Graphics

Marcin Jaszczyk

Marcin Adamski

Marcin Miezian

Social Media

Kamila Debicka
Monika Ginter


Game Mechanic: 

A puzzle game with innovative game mechanics that challenges even the most experienced players.


OmoTomO can be played alone or with a second player. 

Easy Controls:
This game is suited for all ages.

OmoTomO communicates with the player only through animations, sounds and user interface.

Swiss Made:
Made by Swiss Developers.

Amazing Soundtrack:
Relaxing Japanese music.


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